Creative Writing

ten week CREATIVE WRITING Course Outline

Classes run from 7pm – 10pm with a break of fifteen minutes for refreshments (supplied). 

Week One –  Introduction: Getting started and openings. 

Week Two – Characters: How to make them seem real. 

Week Three –  Plot: Beginning, middle, and end.

Week Four –  Point of view: Who tells the story? 

Week Five -  Setting: Exploring ways of using time and place. 

Week Six -  Dialogue: Where there are people, there is talk. 

Week Seven -  Description: Using the senses to bring your story to life. 

Week Eight -  Voice/Style: Discovering your natural, narrative voice. 

Week Nine -  Theme: What’s it all about…really? 

Week Ten -  The writing life: Getting down to the nitty-gritty daily routines of writing and revision. 

Course fee €300

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